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Laura H.

CBD Essential Oil: A Boon to My Health and Wellness
May 21, 2017
I was drawn to trying CBD essential oil in October of 2015 on my path to finding holistic methods to restore my physical and emotional well-being. I am a strong believer in using essential oils and herbs, and frequently use essential oils in my work with children as an energy worker and Speech Language Pathologist. However, as is often the case, nurturers and healers do not always nurture themselves! My energy was depleted and I had serious vitamin deficiencies. My sleep cycle was not consistent, at times taking hours to fall asleep, or only sleeping 4 hours at a time. I was frequently feeling low and melancholy, and often apathetic about eating, yet was continuing to gain weight. I was not engaging in any activities that I usually enjoyed. I also was experiencing frequent heart palpitations and blood pressure problems in the pre-hypertension and then rocketing into Stage II Hypertension at times! I had tried several trials of blood pressure medicine but experienced significant side-effects.
I decided to try CBD oil after I had problems with blood pressure medicine and a constant headache that was virtually untouched by pain relievers. On the first day taking Level I dosage, I felt a difference immediately. I felt a tingling sensation throughout my body. The pressure in my head started to lift, and my mood started to elevate. I admit to even feeling a bit giddy on the first few days. For the first time in several years, I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep for 8 hours. I woke feeling rested and in an elevated mood. I monitored my blood pressure daily, and even with the first dose, I experienced decrease in blood pressure. Within 3-4 days of regular dosage, my blood pressure dropped from 154/93 to 125/82. I finally experienced a lift in mood and was motivated to begin cooking for myself and resume healthier eating and nutrition habits. I was able to find motivation to begin addressing the underlying causes of stress and unhealthy choices. These effects continued as long as I stayed on regular dosage. I have continued with Level 4 CBD oil to date and will increase in level again, as I continue to gain improvements with higher levels.
I believe we live in a time that we can enjoy the advantages of Western medicine and yet seek for ourselves holistic remedies and supplements that prevent illness or unease, and maintain our good health and overall mind-body wellness. I have recommended CBD oil through collaboration with Zoey Dalton to many of my clients and my own family members. I have experienced my own significant benefits with no unwelcome side effects, and have witnessed amazing benefits for the families and children with whom I work that have tried CBD oil.
This is not meant as medical advice. If you are feeling unwell, you are encouraged to contact your primary care physician.
Laura L. Houston, M.A., Speech Language Pathologist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Pediatric Massage Therapist, Certified Essential Oils Therapeutics