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Kailani - the Founder's Inspiration, a CBD Case Study

CBD Case Studies - A CBD Patient

Wait until you see a picture of the medications required before and then compare it to Kai's new supplement regiment! Be prepared to be amazed.

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Sources of Information on CBD & CBD Case Studies

On this page you will find CBD Case Studies done by Nature's Rooted Wisdom and highlights of other famous cases. Dramatic stories by real people will be added all the time!

Trying to find answers to serious medical conditions is stressful. Everyone needs hope. CBD does change lives, but it is not guaranteed to be the miracle you want.  It affects each person differently, depending on the existence and type of cannabinoid deficiency.

When you search for more information on CBD, to find if it is right for your needs, look for recent scientific research, CBD user reviews and CBD case studies. Be aware of which you are reading and who benefits monetarily from it.

Other Famous CBD Case Studies & Stories

This Week's Highlight:

Marie Myung-Ok Lee, a Brown University professor and author, documented her autistic son's extraordinary journey from self-harm to riding a bicycle.

Search for "CBD and Autism" to read even more personal success stories from mothers, doctors and researchers.

Scientifically Controlled Research

Controlled research on marijuana and hemp is scarce. One excellent source is from

In general, on the web, there is more research on the effects of THC than there is on other cannabinoids, such as CBD, found in hemp plants. The recent research on CBD that is available is mostly by pharmaceutical companies. These companies have a self-interest in convincing you that synthetic or chemically altered CBD versions are better.  This isn't true, you need the synergistic interactions of the multitude of nutrients in the oil to see maximum results. Research done by the government, historically, has not been controlled or very scientific since it began with a political agenda from the start. In 1936 "research" "discovered" Reefer Madness, a made-up scare-tactic.

CBD Case Studies

Case Studies are not controlled laboratory research, nor are they a simple review. The majority of the information available at the moment is CBD Case Studies. When reading them, be aware if they are saying 'cannabinoid' or 'CBD' oil. They are not the same, although both are from the hemp plant. CBD oil is refined so that the concentration of that one cannabinoid is very, very high.