CBD Farming is Sustainable

We are Green in More Ways Than One

Hemp flourishes without the the use of pesticides (having few natural enemies) and grows so fast that it literally leaves other plants in the shade. This means herbicides are not required either, making hemp ideal for organic farming.

Cotton, on the other hand, uses vast amounts of chemicals both in its growing and processing. Hemp produces up to three or four times more pulp per acre than timber, and produces higher quality paper. There are no environmentally damaging bleaching processes in hemp paper production and it recycles many more times than wood pulp.

At present we are over-reliant on dwindling fossil fuel reserves and are still busy chopping down forests at an alarming rate.

Hemp is a sustainable alternative and also one of he most effective convertors of CO2 to oxygen – cleaning the air, improving the soil and helping to fight global warming. Apart from living in a healthier environment, using hemp is beneficial to the individual in many ways.